Amazon Jungle Travel Guide, Wildlife Expert, Filmmaker


Rusty and his Shaman wife Fabiola with some local Bora tribe children.

Rusty's way with animals, including humans, is magical.

-Sylvia Earle, National Geographic


Wanna give a shout out Thank You to Rusty Johnson the Amazon Tarzan!   For an amazing adventure & medicine journey Perú Vacation & extraordinary experience!

If any of you is looking to go to the Amazon jungle in Perú to experience Kambo, see the Wildlife, the city of Belèn, Iquitos & even meet the Indigenous Bora Tribe, then I highly recommend you check out his website link attached below & plan your adventure with Rusty!

He's legit, caring & compassionate, will take 100% care of all your needs & wishes within the trip, and give you a reasonable price for all you'll do!

You'll be completely safe & well taken care of from the moment you arrive till the moment you depart.....
Thanks Rusty! It was such a Blast & Unforgettable Trip!

Jacquel Cardona
Los Angeles, CA

 If you are considering a trip to the Amazon, having a guide like Rusty is invaluable. He made sure that I got to do everything I wanted to do, from ayahuasca ceremonies with a real shaman, to a plant medicine hike with an expert guide who was incredibly knowledgeable, to visiting villages deep in the jungle along the amazon river.

Rusty has been coming to Peru for 18 years, and definitely has the inside connections for a completely authentic experience. Everything was taken care of and very well organized. We got to stay with a family in the jungle, who were the kindest, most welcoming people. Rusty and his wife Favi were super fun to travel with, and the food was incredible. It was an amazing experience and I am so happy I found Amazon Detours!!

Elise Fitzwater
Costa Rica


I was so lucky to get to know brother Rusty.  He is the best and knows the jungle and his beautiful wife Fabiola  is a true healer. Thank you for everything.

Hatim Ali

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

 End of the journey in Iquitos hanging with the greatest group of explorers, hosts and knowledgeable pros of the Amazon. If you ever want to take the “other road” and see the jungle and river with it’s incredible versatility these three people are the best. Check out Thank you Rusty, Fabiola and Josia Tello 

Yan Saloman
New Paltz, New York